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Since these kinds of posts are useful as a reference for many people, I have decided to create also a Cisco Router Commands Cheat Sheet with the most useful and the most frequently used Command Line Interface CLI configuration commands for Cisco Routers.

Cisco IOS routers are probably the most complete, versatile and feature-rich networking devices. There are whole books written about Cisco router configurations and commands.

However, the list below I believe summarizes the most important ones so its a good starting point for a networking professional. Although there is a wide range of Cisco router models, the commands below will work on most devices running IOS with no problems. Make sure to download the cheat sheet in PDF format for future reference by subscribing above. For static route, default is 1].

Version 1 is default]. All routers should be in the same AS to build a neighbor relationship. Shows feasible successors]. MyRouter config router ospf 10 MyRouter config-router area 0 authentication. Password will be sent in clear text]. MyRouter config router ospf 10 MyRouter config-router area 0 authentication message-digest. This value must be the same on neighboring routers. MyRouter config access-list deny tcp MyRouter config access-list 1 permit Very useful for providing internet access to internal private addresses].

Thank you. Brilliant blogs and info however similarly to Ken I do not subscribe to the social media you require to get a PDF of the Cisco Router Command and other cheatsheets. I have 2 of you ebooks on the Asa firewall, wondering how can I get the Router and switch cheat sheet talked about on your blog???.

Cisco Router Configuration Commands – CLI Cheat Sheet

Will you be creating another ebook for that model or basically all the same applies? From the Asa tutorial and guides you already have. I would like to get pdf copy of your cheat sheets and have your permission to pass on to students at my college. Although the college uses Cisco Press, students are constantly asking for supplemental publications. I will see if I could get deskcopy from your publisher to let students preview before they decide to buy. I will send you the cheat sheets on your email in a while.

You can certainly pass on the PDF files to your students. Hi — Thank you for the great site. You will receive an email with a link to confirm your registration.Cisco switches can be used as plug-and-play devices out of the box but they also offer an enormous amount of features.

Although the main purpose of the switch is to provide inter-connectivity in Layer 2 for the connected devices of the network, there are myriad features and functionalities that can be configured on Cisco Switches. In the following Cisco Switch Commands Cheat Sheet, I have tried to include the most important and frequently-used CLI commands that Cisco professionals encounter in real world networks. I know that the list is not exhaustive but I believe that the most useful commands are included.

Make sure to download the whole commands cheat sheet in PDF format below so you can print it or save it on your computer for future reference. The following commands will work on most Cisco switch models such as, etc.

Use it only if you connect a regular host e. Do not use this command when the port is trunk or if you connect other switches on the specific port. The following commands will select a range of interfaces from 1 to 24 and add all of them to vlan One topic I would like to see you cover is hair pinning, from the aspect of vpn client connecting into HO ASA but hair pinning through site-to-site to remote office resource. Thanks for the feedback.The basic CLI commands for all of them are the same, which simplifies Cisco device management.

Here is a Cisco commands cheat sheet that describes the basic commands for configuring, securing and troubleshooting Cisco network devices.

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Privacy Policy. Please note that it is recommended to turn JavaScript on for proper working of the Netwrix website. Go Up. Cisco Commands Cheat Sheet. The access port is set to access unconditionally and operates as a non-trunking, single VLAN interface that sends and receives non-encapsulated non-tagged frames. An access port can be assigned to only one VLAN. The trunk port sends and receives encapsulated tagged frames that identify the VLAN of origination.

A trunk is a point-to-point link between two switches or between a switch and a router. In this mode, the switch supports simultaneous tagged and untagged traffic on a port. Both values can be specified in a single command to allow both Telnet and SSH access default settings. Specify the number or name of the desired severity level at which messages should be logged. Previous Best Practice.

Next Best Practice. User Termination Best Practices. Privileged Account Management Best Practices. Network Security Best Practices. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve our website and your web experience.

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To learn more, please read our Privacy Policy. Okay, got it. An enable mode command that saves the active config, replacing the startup config when a Cisco network device initializes.When you start preparing for CCNA exam, you start developing concepts on various networking topics, but in the real world when you will work as a network engineer or in any other relevant position, you will need to know when and how to apply your CCNA knowledge.

This posts aims to equip you with all the necessary commands with in-depth illustrations to make your familiarize with network configuration environment so that you know exactly which command to use in a particular situation. This posts has included all the CCNA commands that an exam. SW1 config crypto key generate rsa How many bits in the modulus []: SW1 config line vty 0 4 SW1 config-line login local SW1 config-line transport input telnet ssh The size of the key modulus in the range of to You can set vty lines to use only telnet or only ssh or both as in the example.

Aliases SW1 config alias exec c configure terminal SW1 config alias exec s show ip interface brief SW1 config alias exec sr show running-config Used to create shortcuts for long commands. SW1 show ip interface brief Shows an overview of all interfaces, their physical status, protocol status and ip address if assigned. SW1 show interface vlan 1 Shows detailed information about the specified interface, its status, protocol, duplex, speed, encapsulation, last 5 min traffic.

SW1 show interfaces description Shows the description of all interfaces SW1 show interfaces status Shows the status of all interfaces like connected or not, speed, duplex, trunk or access vlan.

Cisco Commands Cheat Sheet

SW1 show dhcp lease Shows information about the leased IP address when an interface is configured to get IP address via a dhcp server Configuring port security Make the switch interface as access port: SW1 config-if switchport mode access.

SW1 config-if switchport port-security violation shutdown options: shutdown, protect, restrict. SW1 config-if switchport port-security mac-address 68b5. H, sticky The sticky keyword is used to let the interface dynamically learns and configures the MAC addresses of the currently connected hosts.

SW1 config-if nonegotiate or hardcode the port as an access port SW1 config-if switchport mode access. SW1 config spanning-tree vlan 1 root primary SW1 config spanning-tree vlan 1 root secondary SW1 config spanning-tree [vlan 1] priority Rl config-subif ip address Using exit interface Default Route Rl config ip route 0.

Rl config-router network Rl config access-list 2 deny Rl config-if ip access-group 2 out Standard ACL number ranges: and — Port numbers and other criteria as well. Rl config ip dhcp excluded-address From ASA versions 8. There are hundreds of commands and configuration features of the Cisco ASA firewall.

Cisco router configuration step by step pdf

The official Cisco command reference guide for ASA firewalls is more than pages. For this reason I have selected the most important commands and the ones used most frequently by ASA administrators to set up the firewall appliance. Also, if you are interested for Cisco Routers and Switches Commands Cheat Sheet documents, have a look at the links below:. Cisco Switch Commands Cheat Sheet.

Cisco Router Commands Cheat Sheet. This is the one which will be loaded if you reboot the firewall]. The absolutely necessary Interface Sub-commands that you need to configure in order for the interface to pass traffic are the following:. To reach network The private IP This group can be used in other configuration commands such as ACLs]. This address pool must be on the same subnet as the ASA interface].

cisco all commands pdf

It shows how many hits each entry has on the ACL]. A local-host is created for any host that forwards traffic to, or through, the ASA. I do not do social media. What I have done is purchased all of your e-books, and the new versions as they came available. Harris, Thank you so much for the file.

I am a huge fan, which is why I buy your books, and value the resource that you provide everyone.

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You obviously put a lot of time and effort into this blog and share it willingly. So, apologies if my comments were a rub, I assure you, that was the farthest thing from my mind.

No problem at all.

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Thanks very much. Thanks again. If you are referring to the complete configuration examples, these are included in the Amazon books last chapter. Unfortunatelly it seems not working with my facebook AC, could you please send it via mail to me. Unfortunately no info for PIX.I want to know what every single command does and is.

Go to Solution. I am afraid that trying to learn all commands is a futile exercise - IOS contains literally thousands of commands. All links above are most relevant for routers. Switches historically tended to have separate IOSes with separate functions and features not commonly described in the links above.

cisco all commands pdf

Therefore, for switches, I recommend keeping the following links:. View solution in original post. You can. If you just put in Google Cisco configuration guides it will bring up the main ones like Thank you very much Peter!!

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This is exactly what i was looking for. Trust me, I'm not here to learn every command. I just want to have these docs handy, in case i need to look up a command real quick one day. Buy or Renew. Find A Community. We're here for you! Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:.

cisco all commands pdf

When i say command: i mean config command Thank you for the help Solved! Labels: Other Switching. I have this problem too. Accepted Solutions. Peter Paluch. Hall of Fame Cisco Employee. Hello,I am afraid that trying.

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Hello, I am afraid that trying to learn all commands is a futile exercise - IOS contains literally thousands of commands. In any case, you should look for following documentation types: Master Index: An alphabetical list of all supported commands, with links into Command References Command Reference: Detailed for the most part explanation of a command including its keywords, default values, applicable environment, etc.

cisco all commands pdf

Configuration Guides: Guides about features and their general way of configuration Look for any of these categories on the following product pages. Best regards, Peter View solution in original post. Mark Malone. VIP Mentor.To create and configure a Cisco network, you need to know about routers and switches to develop and manage secure Cisco systems. Become acquainted with Cisco network devices and code listings; and find out how to manage static routing and view routing information.

While you may not use the OSI model every day, you should be familiar with it, specifically when working with Cisco switches and routers which operate at Layer 2 and Layer 3, respectively. Here are some of the items that operate at each level of the OSI model:. Like all networks, a Cisco network needs to be properly configured.

To do so, you need to know the configuration modes to use when configuring your network. You also should know how to configure an interface, configure a switch management interface, and configure an interface to use DHCP for your Cisco network.

When moving around in the Cisco IOS, you will see many prompts. These prompts change as you move from one configuration mode to another. Here is a summary of the major configuration modes:.

With user exec mode you can view the settings on the device but not make any changes. Global Configuration mode: Global Configuration mode is where you go to make global changes to the router such as the hostname.

CCNA R&S: Cisco Commands List. Portable command guide for dummies

Sub Prompts: There are a number of different sub prompts from Global Configuration mode you can navigate to such as the interface prompts to modify settings on a specific interface, or the line prompts to modify the different ports on the device.

When working with routers in particular, but also when dealing the management interface on switches, you will often need to configure network interfaces which will either match physical interface ports or virtual interfaces in the form of a virtual LAN VLAN interface when dealing with switches.

In the case of the router, the interface is enabled using the no shutdown command in the final step; interfaces on switches are enabled by default. For your switches, to enable an IP address on your management interface, you will use something similar to this example. If you want to configure either a router or switch to retrieve its IP configuration information from a network Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHCP server, then you can commands like the following example. When working with your Cisco network, you may want to separate users into different broadcast domains for security or traffic reduction.

You can do this by implementing VLANs.

All Cisco Router Commands Free PDF eBooks

If you are connecting two switches together, then you will want to allow all configured VLANs to pass between the two switches. This is accomplished by implementing a trunk port. To configure port 24 on your switch to be a trunk port, you will use the following code:. EtherChannel allows you to take up to eight network ports on your switch and treat them as a single larger link.

This can be used to connect servers with multiple network cards that are bonded or teamed to a switch, or to connect multiple switches together.


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